Choosing a Buffalo Trucking Company

Buffalo Trucking Company

We know that finding a Buffalo trucking company that you can trust to help you with your logistics is vital to your day-to-day business operations. With almost 40 years of experience Jack and Expedite Transportation have been providing personalized shipping services to all of Buffalo and Western New York.

In order to help you decide if we’re the right Buffalo trucking company for you, we’ve outlined the major points that we’ve found to be most critical in making a decision:


Our Shipping Service Area
(Inside & Outside of Buffalo, NY)

Buffalo, NY
Serving all of Buffalo & WNY

Just like in real estate, logistics is all about location, location, location. Our Buffalo trucking company services all of Western New York, including the Buffalo-Niagara region, the Rochester metro area, and the Southern Tier.

We also have cartage agreements with several of the major national and regional common carriers.


Our Buffalo Trucking Equipment

Buffalo Trucking Equipment
Equipment for our Buffalo Trucking Company

Have you ever scheduled a pick up only to discover that they don’t have the right kind of truck to fit down your street, can’t pick up from a low dock, or their drivers won’t get out of the truck to help load? You aren’t alone!

It’s imperative to find a Buffalo trucking company that has all of the equipment to meet your needs.

At Expedite Transportation, we’re equipped with:

  • 24 FT. straight trucks with lift gates
  • 48 FT. and 53 FT. dry van tractor trailers
  • Our drivers are helpful and willing to assist in loading
  • We have a warehouse located at 2296 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207.
  • We’re Hazmat certified
  • We have a superior safety rating

Contact us directly if you have any specific requests / questions about necessary trucking equipment.


Scheduling Pick-Ups

Scheduling Pick-Ups
Scheduling Buffalo Trucking Pick-Ups

At Expedite Transportation we care about your convenience. You can contact our company for a pick up by:

(Be sure to put PICK-UP” in your subject line preferably with a date included)


How much lead time do we need?

How Much Lead Time
Lead Time

Our Buffalo based trucking company provides rush deliveries and we understand that occasionally emergencies happen to everyone. We always do our best to accommodate by responding to you quickly and efficiently.

Ideally, it’s best to give us as much lead time as possible. This will ensure that there is a truck ready and waiting for your pick-up. Expedite Transportation serves many customers in and around Buffalo with trucking services and we will always do our best to accommodate yours, but we request that you provide us a little time cushion whenever possible.


Customized Trucking & Logistics Services

Customized Trucking & Logistics Services
Buffalo Trucking Company – Providing Customized Services

We can provide customized logistics and trucking services. Whether you need a weekly delivery, warehousing, or need a delivery to a company with unique procedures – whatever your needs are, we’ll customize your shipping solution.


Our Employees & Customer Service

Quality Customer Service
Quality Employees & Customer Service

Our Employees

There is currently a shortage of truck drivers and as a logistics company we’ve had to work hard to find the gems that are available.

Expedite Transportation has a stringent selection process. Even after a driver has been hired, a probationary period is in place so we only retain drivers who meet high company standards. We have long retention and low turnover rates. It’s a sign that our drivers and our customers are all happy.

Customer Service

Customer service can’t be calculated on a spreadsheet, but it makes all of the difference no matter what industry you work in.

Here at Expedite Transportation, we consider ourselves as part of your team and want to greet you with a smile. We don’t settle for giving you less than our best.


What are your rates?

Trucking Rates
Rates for our Buffalo Trucking

Since we know everyone’s needs are unique, we ask that you contact us at:

For a Free Quote

We look forward to having the opportunity to become your Buffalo trucking company, building a lasting relationship and knowing more about your company’s requirements.