2016 – What’s Troubling the Logistics Industry?

All companies have to deal with issues that plague their chosen industry. At Expedite we work hard to remove your Buffalo logistics issues by providing the logistics solutions that your company needs all over WNY. However, logistics companies, just like all companies, have their own unique challenges. In 2014-15 the top concerns for the trucking … Continued

LTL Shipping & Density

Density In the words of George McFly, “I’m your density. I mean, your destiny.” Clearly, he wasn’t talking to Lorraine about shipping, but if he were, he might have been talking about how your package density impacts your shipping destiny! For those of you struggling to remember your early science education, About.com tells us that … Continued

What’s the Difference Between LTL and FTL Shipping?

What is LTL Shipping? As a Buffalo logistics company we do a lot of LTL shipping all around Buffalo and Western New York. LTL is an acronym for “Less Than truck Load.” This is applicable to any shipment that doesn’t occupy the full space of the truck. What’s nice about LTL shipping is that you only pay for the space in … Continued

No Girls Allowed?

The trucking industry has long been considered a man’s world and continues to be a stereotype that needs to be put to rest. It’s understandable to see why it’s been such a persistent view though. In the past it was extremely rare that a woman would even consider trucking as a profession of choice. However, it … Continued

Reasons to Become a Truck Driver

Choosing the right career makes all the difference in our lives. Nobody wants to wake up every day regretting getting out of bed to go to a job they hate. The other challenge we’re facing today is choosing a career that we can actually get hired for. More and more people are getting degrees and … Continued

Fatal Trucking Accidents Decrease in the US

Here in Buffalo, weather is always a concern for our drivers when it comes to safety. Thankfully we experienced a very mild winter this year and the warm weather has now arrived. We know trucking can be a dangerous business in any season though, that’s why our Buffalo trucking company follows basic truck driving safety … Continued