No Girls Allowed?


The trucking industry has long been considered a man’s world and continues to be a stereotype that needs to be put to rest. It’s understandable to see why it’s been such a persistent view though. In the past it was extremely rare that a woman would even consider trucking as a profession of choice. However, it might surprise most to know that the first woman to get her commercial driver’s license (CDL) was Lillie McGee Drennen all the way back in 1929!

Even with Lillie paving the way, it’s only been in recent years that we’ve been seeing a measurable increase in the amount of women in the truck driving profession. In fact, it’s estimated that of the about 3 million truck drivers in the United States more than 200,000 are women.

Here’s something even more impressive: reported by

“Whether measuring accidents, inspections or compliance issues, women drivers are outperforming males, according to Werner Enterprises Inc. Chief Operating Officer Derek Leathers.” 

The timing could not be better for female drivers to step up as the shortage of truck drivers in the United States has continued to be on the rise. Trucking companies, including local Buffalo logistics companies, are more willing than ever to hire commercially licensed female drivers.

For the woman who may be considering a professional truck driving career there is even more good news. Truck driving is an industry where you won’t typically find yourself having to battle for equal pay, miles equals money whether you’re male or female.

For everyone else, you should expect to see more and more women behind the wheel of a big rig, all for the best interests of logistics providers and customers alike.