About Us

expedite-owners-jack-and-peggyWhere it all began

Expedite began in 1977 with a single truck making deliveries around Buffalo. It’s owner was Jack, and he proudly drove that truck and earned a reputation as an honest, hard-working, and reliable owner.

As you may well know, trucking can be a tough business to grow and thrive in Buffalo, but Jack’s diligence and sometimes a flat out refusal to give up developed that single truck into a thriving business. Jack and the company maintained that reputation and grew year by year.


Expedite now has a fleet of trucks that serve all of Western New York with a variety of transportation services. You can see our full list of offerings here.

In the past, Jack was always in a truck, phone close at hand, making deliveries and building relationships. Now, he is most often found in his office or the warehouse, phone still at hand, but if you are lucky, he will jump back in a truck and make a delivery himself.

In 2006, Jack took the company even farther by opening his own warehousing operation. Again, he started small by storing and fulfilling orders for one company. With that experience and more, Expedite now offers Western New York a well-established distribution location tied directly to a premier trucking service for a complete logistics package.

The key to success

The key to Expedite’s success and customer satisfaction  has always been Jack’s commitment to integrity and putting his customers’ needs at the top of his priority list. As the company has grown, he has maintained those principles by continuing to offer personal service, high caliber employees, and a variety of services.

You see, at Expedite you won’t be forgotten amidst a large corporate mentality. You will work directly with people with years of experience who make your business their top priority.

Hiring high quality employees

With many years of experience behind the wheel and on the docks, Jack knows what it takes to be a great driver. He looks for those qualities in everyone he hires. With the current driver shortage, it can be tempting to hire anyone with the proper license, but Expedite demands more than a license and GPS. Jack only retains drivers who will provide his customers with the same level of service he would.

As a testament to Jack’s stringent hiring process, customers are happy and Expedite has a low turnover rate for employees. Even drivers who took other jobs, be it long haul trucking or relocation, still return to visit John. It’s rare to find an employer that has past employees return to say hi and catch up, but that’s exactly the kind of man that Jack is. Once he hires someone onto his team, he not only expects a lot from them, but he offers his guidance, respect, and leadership in return.

If you would like to become a part of our team please send us an email.

If you are looking for the right logistics company for you, call Jack today at 716-877-1919