“Expedite is the trucking company that ESSA relies on to pick up our orders and deliver them on time. We have worked with Expedite for decades because their service is efficient and cost effective. We are very satisfied and plan on maintaining our relationship with Expedite well into the future.”

John Soos Sales ESSA

“Expedite has never let us down! Some of our customers are demanding-and give us short notice of when they need their product. No matter how little notice we give Expedite- they make it happen. Whenever we call, Expedite is ready and willing to help us! I have been working with Expedite for over 14 years, and this is how it has been since day one. We can always count on them.. Working with Expedite is more than just business, it is a friendship!”

Bob Pattison-Plant Manager Summer Industries

“I’ve been using Jack and Expedite since July 2007 for my trucking requirements. He has always been dependable. Jack and all his drivers are very courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend Expedite for all your Trucking needs.”

Jim EEECO North