What’s the Difference Between LTL and FTL Shipping?


What is LTL Shipping?

As a Buffalo logistics company we do a lot of LTL shipping all around Buffalo and Western New York. LTL is an acronym for “Less Than truck Load.” This is applicable to any shipment that doesn’t occupy the full space of the truck. What’s nice about LTL shipping is that you only pay for the space in the truck you need because that leaves room for us to accommodate multiple customer shipments in the same truck.

Pros to LTL Shipping:

  • LTL shipping can be a cost effective solution
  • Perfect for moving smaller shipments


  • LTL is typically for freight shipping that weighs less than 10,000 pounds
  • LTL typically takes longer than FTL because there will often be several stops for other deliveries

What is FTL Shipping?

FTL is the acronym for “Full Truck Load.” This means that the shipment occupies the entire truck space – that means the contents of the shipment are from one company and typically one destination.

Pros to FTL Shipping:

  • FTL is perfect for moving larger shipments
  • FTL is typically faster and is therefore the more ideal choice for urgent deliveries
  • Ideal for high-risk or delicate freight shipments


  • FTL costs more than LTL, but that price comes with great valuable benefits

Should I use LTL Shipping or FTL Shipping?

We’re always happy to assist whenever someone contacts us by phone or email – but here are a few questions to help you make a decision between LTL and FTL:

  • How large is the size of your shipment?
  • How fast does you delivery need to arrive?
  • Is your shipment very fragile or containing sensitive materials?
  • And finally… what’s your shipping budget?

For most, LTL is the most sensible choice and if you’re in need or LTL services we can prepare an LTL quote that’s fast and accurate to your needs.